A new name that delivers pure commitment.

For the past three years, Skyscape has been helping the UK Public Sector to transform its digital capabilities. We've helped save hundreds of millions of pounds by delivering more agile, lower cost IT solutions throughout government.

As our company has grown, so too has our commitment to our customers. As has our focus on delivering cloud services brilliantly.

We are proud at what we, our customers and our partners have achieved. We are proud of what our name and brand stand for. But a broadcasting company believes we are infringing their trademark, so we have chosen to rename our business to avoid any potential confusion, and to continue - Doing the right thing for the UK Public Sector.

Summer 2016 sees a new name and a new brand that portrays our unequivocal proposition, and a new sense of commitment to what we do.

Welcome to UKCloud, the new name for Skyscape.